how to VDB

A short tutorial referring to some illustrations i did vor the LAFKON VektorDB.
I was searching for a different way to vectorize pixelgraphic. As printing processes are normally two-colored (one-color+paper) i tried a way to do shading with one color as you do on e.g. woodcuts. Gif-Images were a opportunity to color reduce images and they also produced an aesthetic i quite liked. so i started to experiment with the patterning during gif exporting.
not to forget:
'On Friday, 20th June 2003, the death knell sounds for US patent number 4,558,302. Having benefitted its owner, the Unisys Corporation for 20 years, the contents of the patent are entered into the Public Domain and may be used absolutely freely by anyone. Officially titled "High speed data compression and decompression apparatus and method", it is more commonly known as the LZW patent or Unisys's GIF tax.' *

Just search yourself an image you would like to use
After you've found the one you love start to edit it in your favourite pixel-editor e.g. photoshop
After that you have to save it as a gif-image. Here it's done with photoshops save for web utility, but you can basically use any program and each will produce a different result.
You can change the pattern of the exported gif by playing around with the parameters
You can change the pattern of the exported gif by playing around with the parameters.

To get the image stripped your layer has to have an opacity of 50% and the gif-export-configuration ought to be something like this >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
After playing around you get a pattern that pleases you and now you have to vectorize the bitmap
To convert the image to a vector graphic you have to trace the bitmap
That's kind of the most important point. you have to convert the bitmap EXACT PIXEL FOR PIXEL I tried some different tools like streamline and inkscape but as far as i know for now, flash was the only tool which was able to do this exact conversion. i started to write a little utility in processing to not be dependent on flash.

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